How Induction Videos Could Improve Your Business

How Induction Videos Could Improve Your Business

Induction is a means to welcome new staff onboard in an organization involving them in key information and delivering corporate messages. This can carry mixed reactions from different tiers of the business. There are a lot of people who endure induction videos they find to be long, boring and often not as engaging as could have designed.

The trick here is to know the best usage of videos that makes it a more powerful, inspirational and at the same time informative, time saving and engaging tool that does not leave the new employees bored and tired at the end of the day. A professional induction video production in Melbourne company is often hired for this job to ensure the induction programme to be a success with maximized impact and returns. In this article we discuss how effective a video can be considered as an induction tool and how to derive the most benefit out of it. Also, there are several companies to take care of all the requirements in a professional way.

Greater involvement with the video production firm from an early stage

It is a good idea to engage your video production company right from the concept and idea design phase. An expert firm with a rich experience in this field is capable of suggesting and advising on the best and effective ways of delivering your messages with the intended impact. The advantage of hiring a professional and seek assistance from reliable firm not only comes in the form of technological benefits, but also in the form of the desired impact.

Carefully examine who the target audience is

It is important to consider who your target audience is since varying levels of staff respond to different messages in a different manner. Age is also often an important factor to consider which taking the new group through the induction program. An understanding of how to deliver the messages to different age groups form an important strategy and with the latest advancements in technology, different versions can be created for different target audiences at a much lower cost and great flexibility.

Involvement of your company’s own people

It need not always be the CEO of the organization who needs to address the new staff. Using the company’s own staff during the video presentation could be a far more rich and real experience to engage the new employees.

Think about long term video editing

A production company with a proven track record ensures the video productions are made such that in the long term edits are made possible.