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How To Shop For Products For Your Household Animal?

Today is just another day for you. You get up in the morning and attend to your household chores as usual prior to setting off for work. But while driving you pass a store that sells household animals. You already have a little puppy but decide that you will check out the place anyway since you have a little time to spare. You are amazed to find that the store is full of a variety of animals and supplies and accessories for the animals as well. The friendly staff welcomes you and tell you that they have unique and eye catching products that no other shop has and that presently they are having a stock clearance sale for all their customers.

Picture taking at home

The sales staff also explains that they are offering their customers the services of a pet photographer as part of their unique service. You are introduced to the professionals who take the pictures and are told that even if you require a picture taken of your animal and you at your home that too is possible. The professionals explain how the pictures are taken and even suggest that you take a picture of your animal while at the store. You pick the kitten of your choice and are overjoyed when a picture is taken of the two of you and given to you at the time.

Special room

You realise that the store also has on offer the facilities of cat photography for those of you interested in posing with your feline for that much awaited picture. The professionals tell you that if your feline is nervous or scared special facilities will be provided for him or her to make them comfortable prior to the taking of the picture. They also show you a special room at their store that has all the facilities required to make your feline feel as if she is in the comfort of her home.

50% discount

You cannot believe what you have just seen. You have never come across these facilities in any other store that has animals for sale. You ask the sales staff how much it would cost to get the picture taken and are told that if you purchase an animal from their store you will be entitled to a 50% discount on the picture. You cannot believe your luck and decide to take the picture. The sale staff advice you on how you should pose for the picture and what you should do to ensure that you’re feline is calm and quiet while the picture is taken.